In a world where money is complicated, people have never had a bigger need for easy-to-find, personalized, and useful financial advice. We set out on a journey to make WealthCare because we wanted to give people more control over their money. Our goal was to change how people understand and handle their money by using cutting-edge AI, GPT-4, and modern web technologies.

🤔What does it do?🤔

WealthCare isn't just another tool for managing your money; it's your personal financial partner. WealthCare gives you a new way to take control of your finances by using powerful technologies that haven't been available for use like this before.

  • Financial Statement Analysis: WealthCare studies your income, earnings, and debit and credit card statements in a smooth way.
    • Visualizations That Help: It's not just about numbers; WealthCare turns your financial info into beautiful pictures that show complex spending patterns.
    • Conversational Reports: Experience the future of money with WealthCare's thorough spending reports that you can talk to, just like you would with a personal wealth advisor.
    • Predictive Savings: Use the power of AI predictions to find ways to save money and improve your financial situation.

🧠How We Built It 🧠

  • AI Magic: GPT-4, the AI wizard, interprets your financial data and provides valuable insights.
  • TypeScript and Next.js: The backbone of our web application, ensuring a robust and user-friendly experience.
  • Data Visualization: We leveraged Visx to create stunning and informative graphs.
  • Design Excellence: Blueprint.js ensured a sleek and intuitive interface, making financial management a breeze.

💪Challenges We Faced 💪

We had a variety of challenges throughout the last few days; starting with staying focus and not getting distracted by the insane number of activities to do instead of coding, to somehow fitting in a sleep schedule reasonable enough to still have sleep in its name, this hackathon sure did test the grit in me.

However far beyond that, I'd say the toughest thing I overcame is swapping projects, my original idea was to do a hardware hack related to a MindFlex EEG and I spent the first 60% of the hackathon working on it, however while soldering I accidently dropped the solder onto the board and didn't notice. When turning it on to continue testing, it fried itself and smoke started coming out. I was so devastated, but I was in too deep to give up. Acknowledging that it was no one's fault except for mine, I scrapped the idea and got back to the drawing board. Thankfully I had enough experience and motivation to pull through and create a different project, no worse than the last one.

🏆What we are Proud of 🏆

  • A fully functional, user-friendly financial assistant powered by state-of-the-art AI.
  • Seamless integration of financial data analysis and visualization.
  • A conversational reporting system that bridges the gap between users and their financial insights.
  • Predictive capabilities that empower users to make informed financial decisions.

🔜What's Next?🔜

The journey doesn't end here. We have big plans for WealthCare's future:

  • Enhanced AI Insights: Continuously improving our AI model to provide even more precise financial advice.
  • Integration with Financial Institutions: Streamlining access to financial data securely such as collaborating with banks, investment firms etc.
  • Mobile App: Taking WealthCare to your fingertips with a dedicated mobile application.
  • Financial Planning: Expanding our services to encompass comprehensive financial planning.

Thanks for tuning in!

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