Wanted to use the league API in a way that would give the player using the program a higher chance of winning the game

How it works

Uses Riot Games League of Legends API so that the user can input a SummonerName, and our program will identify the SummonerId associated with the SummonerName. Afterwards, the SummonerId's of each of the players on the enemy team in respect to the inputted SummonerName are retrieved. Data from these enemy player's match history is collected, and their kills, deaths, and assists are collected from their past 5 ranked games. Their average kdas are then determined and then the SummonerNames of the enemy players are displayed next to each of their average kdas. The user can then identify who has the lowest kda in the past games and who is most likely to go on "tilt" if you focus on killing them in the game.

Challenges I ran into

Lots of debugging and difficulty initially figuring out how to use the API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works and can give the player using the program knowledge of the enemy team before the game starts, increaing the win percentage.

What I learned

How to use JavaScript and API

What's next for weakestlink

for the getTiltScore function, adding more variable that would change the TiltScore for the player

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