Note: this project won Best Use of Google Cloud Platform (NLP) at BaseHacks 2018, originally posted on HackerEarth


Suicide hotlines have long waiting lines that make it near impossible to get immediate support for those who need it the most. More teens we surveyed would prefer to talk to their peers about their mental health issues, but it turns out that most teens are currently only talking to adult counselors.

What it does

A mental health platform that connects teenagers that need support to trained teen volunteers who want to help out their peers through video call. We&You also rewards points to volunteers based on comments, left by those who they help, processed by Google's Natural Language Sentiment Analysis API.

How I built it - Video Calling | Vue.js/Webpack - Frontend | Google Cloud Platform: Natural Language Sentiment Analysis - Rating System | Firebase (Firestore, Authentication, Functions) - Backend | - Donations | - Domain |

Challenges I ran into and WebRTC can be really difficult to work with at times. We were able to catch most errors, but there are still some bugs and corner cases that will need to be fixed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was successfully able to use Vue.js with no previous experience and able to debug most of the WebRTC errors.

What I learned

I didn't have any previous experience with Vue.js,, or NLP, so this definitely added to my skillset as a web developer. Having an amazing CSS designer on the team also imparted me more inspiration on how to build effective UI/UX

What's next for We & You

In the future, we will focus on developing a mobile implementation, encouraging volunteers to help out, and spreading the word about this service because we truly believe it has the potential to revolutionize teenage mental health.

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