Election day makes me feel dumb and powerless. I get overwhelmed by the number of choices, and the complexity of the choices. When I go through the ballot with friends I feel better, because I feel like I am making better decisions.

How it works

We Vote lets you follow organizations you trust (orgs that endorse anything on the ballot), and ask your friends for their voting recommendations. We are preparing for a San Francisco launch before election day in 2016.

Challenges I ran into

Since most voters only put about 8 minutes into their voting decisions, the challenge is getting the right data and design in front of each voter.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have run three 1/2 day Design Sprints, involving 10 people. We have been building up a healthy group of volunteer designers for upcoming Design Sprint days. Our current design challenge is focused on ways we can hook new voters, activists and organizations.

What's next for We Vote USA

We are building a first version of the San Francisco ballot that we can user test to prove our theories about how the We Vote social voter guide will spread from friend-to-friend. Join us!

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