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The Game

In Hold Your Gold, you have raided a treasure cove and won your prize. But suddenly, the treasure comes to life and fights back! Defend yourself and your winnings.

How To Play

Hold Your Gold uses the VISR VR. Enemies will spawn from four doors around you in a 360 environment, and you can use the trigger on the right side of the headset to throw gold coins at them to defeat them. Hold down the trigger to charge up a bigger attack. Some enemies are faster than others, some take more hits and others have different path patterns. You must survive for as long as possible and achieve the high score!

How we built it

We created the game using Unity and VISR VR. The art for the game was created by Sarah and it was programmed by Brad and Alex.

Challenges we ran into

We originally ran into frame rate issues when deploying on mobile but we found changing the resolution of the game when it's deployed fixed this. Our artist had also never used Unity so it was a challenge for her to learn how to use the engine and create good looking environments.


Overall we are happy with the quality of the game and we feel it feels fairly complete. We think it's fun and has replay value and that was our initial goal. It was also very fun to create something so cool despite us not all knowing each other before we arrived at the event.

What we learned

We had never developed for the VISR before so it was a learning experience for all of us. We were really impressed with the ease of developing with Unity for the headset.

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