We Solve follows a simple three form layout of question, collaboration and answer. People work together by interacting in the chat box to solve questions.

Where did this Idea Come from?

  • A need for communication tools to prepare students for the digital world ahead of them
  • I want to bring more collaboration to schools rather than having students so separated. Workplaces are built around teams because we know that collaboration is what builds the best ideas.

Who Is my Target Audience?

  • Teachers
    • They need a tool to allow for easy online collaboration
    • Questions that follow the guidelines of the classroom
  • Students
    • Prepare them for more online communication in the future
    • Let students teach students
  • Researchers
    • Gather data on how online interactions are beneficial
    • See how students interact with different types of questions

Key Features:

  • Simplistic
    • Very easy design and format
    • Easy to navigate, does not take up teacher's time setting up
  • Scalable
    • Bring it to a larger scale, have more people collaborating on questions more important than just school problems
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