What is Virtual Refrigerator?

Virtual Refrigerator is a web app made in Unity allowing you to keep a real time account of what food you have in your refrigerator at any time, and what recipes you can make based on the foods you chose to use. Virtual Refrigerator can also be used to find what foods need to be bought so you may make new recipes!

What makes Virtual Fridge special?

Virtual Fridge solves two major problems:

1) Right now, it is impossible to be sure of what is in your refrigerator without going to it and looking inside, even then not always being absolutely sure of all the contents.

2) Not always knowing what kind of food you can make based on the items you have available.

How does this work?

First our team made a web application in Unity that consisted of a 3D fridge whose 3D food contents could be programmatically changed, a menu screen that allowed the display of recipes through web scraping, and a counter on which the food was made. Combining javascript, html, and css, our team created a website that sent data to this web application.

Built With:

unity c# javascript html5 json jquery

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