We are moths. We emerge from moonlit fields and traverse a tangle of telephone poles. We listen to the sounds carried by the wires. We love the light, and we want to get closer to it.

Lights shimmer in the distance and call to us. As we enter into the warm embrace of the light we are surrounded by cascading swirls of kaleidoscopic tendrils which beckon us closer and closer to the end, to the point at the center.

Of course we won't reach that point, we will be reborn and given another chance to continue on our journey. We are many and we are all going together.

The Experience

Navigation is handled with head tracking. Fields of telephone poles are parametrically generated. In addition to light, the telephone poles emit auditory hums which, when combined together will produce a rich and textured aural atmosphere. Voices can also be heard over the telephone poles. The conversations will be parts of a story and the only way to connect the pieces of the story is to keep playing.

Please use headphones. Please keep dying until you reach the end.


This project is an experiment in VR storytelling. The immersive theater piece "Sleep No More" demonstrates how a narrative taking place simultaneously in multiple locations can be experienced in small segments and still provide a profound and contiguous experience. In a future version I would like to make a more continuous story and also build dual narratives, one would happen in 'reality' and the other, inside the light. I would also like to build out the landscape and give the viewer more to explore.

In this version of the project the stories told by the voices circle around themes of self abnegation. We hear from a man who struggles with bipolar disorder, experiences two trains of thought simultaneously and describes how he went on to rob a bank. We also hear a dream researcher describe a flying dream and a dream about staying in a house with a room that is heaven. We hear a healer describe his experience having his abilities tested, and there are others.

The actual narrative mechanic of driving things forward by casting yourself into a light lends itself well to stories that have themes of obsession, ambition and self destruction. I believe that VR will become a powerful storytelling tool and it will need a new language, one that is different from film and theater and it is exciting to be here right at the beginning.


We Go Together VR

Alternate Version

In this version the voices are quieter and appear less frequently. I was starting to feel that the official version was a little too 'chatty' but if anyone likes this project enough to try multiple versions I would appreciate the feedback.

We Go Together Alternate

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