Inspiration. US Government has been shutdown for the record longest period in the history(29 days) and more than 420,000 federal workers have been affected by this to some degree. Most of these workers have been furloughed because of their agencies unable to pay them their salaries. With the power of the public, we, as indirectly affected, can help these people by

What it does. A user is able to make an account on the mobile app, and donate to the federal agency of their choice. Money is collected in a central account with multiple branches for each agencies, and becomes available to these agencies at the times of government shutdown. Since the fund that is being setup functions as a charity fund, every penny you pay will come back to you as a tax credit in the same year. Voila! You have just funded the government when it was unable to do so by itself!

How we built it. We have made an android application as a primary way a user would interact with the platform. PayPal API was used in the project for universality and the familiarity of the company. A python-run Flask server makes sure to generate receipts and send them to their owners right after the purchase. On the web side of things, vanilla JS was used to build our interface website where you can observe the current status of different agency budget goals.

Challenges we ran into. Half of our team was relatively fresh hackathoners, so it was a big of a challenge for them to handle a whole website on their own, and yet they did their best to learn and finish the product on time. Our biggest challenge, however, was non-technical. It was legal side of things. How to make this project legit? How do we justify what we do?

Accomplishments that we're proud of. Fortunately, during our extensive research, we have found enough information to support our claims and prove that our technology is worth and legitimate.

What we learned. For all of us, it was a great experience in seeing the non-technical parts of the application playing a huge role the decisions we took as a team.

What's next for We Fund Gov. It is a secret;)

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