We are the new generation. We need to engage in endeavors that are beneficial to society and can maximize environmental sustenance. A brainchild of this ever-growing endeavor of sustenance that knows no bounds is "We-Cycle," using cutting edge technology to sustain the bleeding edge, while combating our lazy and throwaway lifestyles. Walking past the terribly sorted bins in this facility reminded us that sustainability is a major problem threatening our existence, and what better use than to use cutting edge technology to assist our sustenance endeavors

What it does

We-Cycle is a consumer oriented technology that uses machine learning vision to let you know where your trash goes, instead of putting the burden of sustainability on you.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

As first time hacker and a beginner in Python, object-oriented programming was difficult due to the fact that we were experimenting with it and and learning it at the same time. Another issue that we faced was the implantation of GUI and also connecting it with the OOP (Object Oriented Programming). The last issue we overcame was our lack of experience due to the fact that this was our first project and combining difficult concepts such as OOP, GUI and API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of our perseverance. Practicing pitches, all while programming on 20 minutes of sleep, with little caffeine is an endeavor in and of itself. We are also proud of our teamwork dynamics, despite us both holding very adverse skill sets, such as programming against graphic design and marketing, and yet we as first time hackers, with very little experience pulled off a project that is dauntingly ambitious in very little time.

What I learned

We learnt basic syntax for Python and how to use APIs to their fulllest extent so that we can create a program that is highly efficient. We also learnt how to engage in object oriented programming for Python, despite knowing very little about this language 24 hours prior.

What's next for We-Cycle

We-Cycle is not just a dream stuck in the walls of E7. Our entrepreneurial skills shall allow us to move this project along and add it in malls to decrease the amount of improperly sorted waste. We are not solely entrepreneurs for the sake of money, we wish to make in impact in our heavily deteriorating health of the environment.

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