The world is facing major issues such as pollution and the spread of plastic waste, our goal was to diminish the amount of plastic waste as much as we can.

What it does

We created a box that allows us to insert a plastic bottle inside, once the bottle is deposited the money from the bottle is automatically added to our account, which we can use to invest in stocks or even towards our MTA cards.

How I built it

We used arduino sensors and a barcode scanner to make this possible. We used the sensors to create automated doors that open up when a bottle is near and close back up once it's inserted.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into multiple issues navigating through Android Studios, it was our first time using it so we were bound to face a few issues, we all did our part to help the team finish on time and make the best project we could in the time given.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of our use of arduino to make the automated door system and the use of the barcode scanner which detects the drink that is going to be inserted.

What I learned

I learned to navigate and design apps using Android Studios, I also learned how to wire servos and flex sensors using arduino.

What's next for We-Cycle

We-Cycle plans to make recycling bigger than it already is, the world is changing and the damage pollution leaves can be permanent if we don't start to work against it now.

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