Recently, more and more Vietnamese celebs have face scandals over philanthropy. Fans have called on local celebrities to publicize details of the money they solicited for charitable activities due to the lack of transparency.

KOLS, celebrities using social media and need a place for their fans to donate money.

What it does

WeChoice is a social media platform for anyone where they can post images/ video/ music and receive donations online. A place to get donations more transparently.

How we built it

We decided to build a web application with the whole team as student, research Icon blockchain and all technical stack such as ReactJS, MUI, Strapi using the free time after school.

Challenges we ran into

Icon blockchain is new with student like us, we are take time to understand it and luckily, the document of Icon SDK is very details

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully deployed both FE and BE side to demo our idea. We are very proud to have accomplished our goal of creating a social media that help donations more transparently. Attract more and more numbers of influencers and their followers to start using Hana wallet and join the ICON community.

What we learned

We learned many different technologies and also understood how blockchain and can help for the real life.

What's next for WeChoice

We will apply Web3 to make our application to a decentralized social network, and any people can trust and manage their information by themself.

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