I got the idea to build We-Care when my cousin was affected by it. She had a major accident due to which she had to go on bed rest. Leading to this, she gained a lot of weight but at that time everyone in her family was only concerned with the after-effects of the accident. Later, she was diagnosed with PCOD, that was the first time I heard of this disease.

What it does

It helps raise awareness about PCOD & PCOS for anyone who is curious about it and help the people who are suffering from it. To cheer the women suffering from menstrual pain, I created a bot named Aunt Flo who helps by recommending movies, novels, gifs or stickers.

The website is divided into different sections:

  1. Info: This section is majorly for a person who is curious about PCOS and PCOD and doesn't have much information about it.
  2. Treatment: This section is for a person who has been diagnosed with PCOS and PCOD and wants to know how they can control it.
  3. Diet: Patients suffering from PCOD/PCOS need to have a balanced diet. This section informs them what food to avoid and have to better control their hormones.
  4. Quiz: This section has questions which are the common myths related to PCOD and PCOS. I have built this section to remove these myths.

How I built it

I used React JS and react-router-dom library to build this website. I used SnatchBot to create the bot.

Challenges we ran into

I decided to make the Quiz section at the very last moment and was not able to figure out how to highlight the correct answer for each question. I solved this by just showing whether what the user has answered was correct or not.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud I was able to build a full-fledged website and might be able to contribute to raising awareness about PCOD and PCOS through it.

What we learned

While making this website, I learned a lot of things about PCOD and PCOS, especially while building the information section. Also, this was the first time, I built a bot in a website so that was another great learning adventure.

What's next for We-Care

For people suffering from PCOD, it can be quite a daunting and frustrating process. Thus, I want to build a login/signup and a note-taking feature so that they can pen down their thoughts whenever they want.

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