There is strong evidence of the need to reduce the obstacles and barrier to personal expression [breathe out]

Little Free Library: *Started in 2009, Non-profit with presence in 88 countries, 75,000 locations in the world, 15 employees, 26,000+ volunteers Post Secret: *Started in 2005, Over 1 million thoughts shared

How we can build on this success:

  • First step can’t always be meeting a therapist or downloading an app
  • Commitment free expression without judgement
  • Community building without needing identification - safe space
  • DIY / Open-Source spirit (cards against humanity style)

Issues to tackle:

  • Non-digital access to mental health resources ('last-mile' problem)
  • Reduce the anxiety/barrier for the first mental health care interaction
  • Focus on hard to reach people (those without/sharing digital devices or youth)

What it does

  • Physical (hyper-local) community driven boxes that help people anonymously express themselves without judgement
  • Allow people to consume local mental health community resources without needing to setup an appointment, see someone in person, or even be seen as being vulnerable

How we built it

  • Crazy 2's (not 8's) design sprint
  • Rapid physical digital iteration (2 physical design iterations in 24 hours)
  • Simultaneously built website that integrates with twilio to capture text messages and push them via a python flask front-end

Challenges we ran into

  • Designing a physical product that integrates with a digital backend
  • HANDS-ON printing and actually building boxes helped us understand the 'out-of-the-box' setup simplification needed for someone downloading, printing, and using our product (REAL WORLD on-boarding)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Building a product that everyone here will be able to use here at the hackathon in physical and digital forms within 24 hours
  • Having something we can all download, print, use and setup to help our local community
  • Open-source, removing barriers to entry

What we learned

  • Real world physical product prototyping issues
  • 1st interaction / onboarding is hard!

What's next for we care

  • One more iteration of physical box product
  • Upload print template to github
  • Print some out and put them in our own communities
  • Simplify process of creating new communities Reach youth or otherwise previously unreachable communities
  • Continue to build instragram community, highlight best submissions and helpful information, build an engaged audience with the younger community
  • Partner with local community outreach areas: libraries, churches, high schools, homeless shelters
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