How much carbon does farming really sequester ? This is one question that inspired us to create this solution. With rising interest of governments around the world to start taxing farmers for their emissions, we wanted to find a way to calculate them.

What it does

A drone with a variety of sensors measure the CO2, CH4 and albedo of the land underneath it to estimate the actual carbon offset. The data collected in drone is sent to our server online which is fetched by MATLAB to calculate the carbon offset. The drone also has sensors to calculate water quality.

In future the drone will also have soil moisture detection capability using microwaves similar to remote sensing satellites.

With the offset we are able to calculate the carbon credits which can then trade over the pi platform. By using blockchain we enable : 1) No double counting of credits 2) Ensure wider participation from around the world (pi has already over 35 million users) 3) Ensure only algorithmic calculated credits are there.

How we built it

Using Arduino, PI, MATLAB

Challenges we ran into

PI was a tough challenge to implement. Loading sensors on drone was another big challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to get all sensors to work, collect data in real time and run matlab analysis on it

What we learned

What's next for We Are Sus Farms

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