It came to me while I was in Puerto Rico, I visualized shooting it along the beautiful streets of Old San Juan that starts with a young woman walking in the middle of the street flipping a Bitcoin, and then local community connected passing around the Bitcoin. I wanted to create something that was moving and beautiful with very little dialogue. So I would say Puerto Rico inspired this piece.

What it does

No matter what I create the intention is always to inspire, to spark joy, to remind that we are connected as beautiful facets of ONE UNIVERSE, and of course it is open to interpretation. Here I wanted to create a moving piece that paints the peer-to-peer connectivity of Bitcoin and the freedom.

How I buidLt it

I ordered a Bitcoin physical coin and had it sent to Puerto Rico, the coin arrived the day I was flying out of the island. On the plane I wasn't sure how I was going to finish it with my travel schedule. Then one day, outside a restaurant, right before having dinner with the Krown team, I saw the National Portrait Gallery in DC across the street and immediately heard the voice to shoot a scene here. I had my camera and the Bitcoins just happened to be inside my backpack. I was able to capture beautiful shots of my friends Luke Stokes and Duane Philippi. I shot two more people there but was missing the lead actress who opens the scene.

Challenges I ran into

I wouldn't call them a challenge but I would say things that may have appeared to be a challenge to the mind was realizing I wouldn't be able to create it in Puerto Rico because the Bitcoins for prop arrived the day I was flying out. I had to create this in between traveling from one spot to another and work. Having to pivot from the original vision.

But then as I'm looking from the outside in, I realize everything unfolded magically because when my travels brought me to Santa Rosa, I met the actress, Brooke, and was able to shoot the opening scene. Even though it wasn't exactly what I envisioned, it was a wonderful miracle how the final piece actualized even better than I saw it. Isn't that great!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Listening to the guidance to shoot and trusting my heart. Not identifying with self doubts or 'not good enoughs'. I am honoring myself for that.

What I learned

I keep getting better and better and it's exciting. The secret is we can always follow the heart and the gentle nudges of the Universe. To have the courage and willingness to SHOW UP, and be open to any and all possibilities and enjoy watching how things unfold even when things are unknown. The HEART always knows.

What's next for WE ARE ALL SATOSHI

Continuing to travel and make impactful content for the world. Being an instrument to empower others to express themselves. Expressing is birthright. This is one of the things enjoy being behind the camera.

Thank you, ALOHA!

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