I (Vivswan Shah) am a Supplementary Instructor for Illinois College for Physics, every time I needed clicker there weren't working properly or weren't available. So we decided to make something related to this, which can help me solve this problem. We came up with this idea what if the admin can live control and change the content seen by the client.

How we built it

It uses google firestore onSnapshot and firebase serverless functions to get new code from the firebase (which was uploaded by admin) and identify it with public key and decrypts it and executes it in the browser. If any error occurs while executing it, then it re-executes it multiple time. If still doesn't work then it goes back to the older version and wait for next update.

Challenges we ran into

We were late to the HackMIT so we weren't able to finish and set it up.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The idea is really good and we think can be applied in multiple field, given that the security protocols are implemented properly.

What we learned

The biggest problem we faced is the authentication of code and no malware code attached to it. Our most of the time is taken by eliminating all the possible a malicious code can be run in this way.

What's next for wClicker

We will try to complete it as soon as possible and make the code available on GitHub (

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