The Wellesley Ballroom Dance Team needed an efficient way to sort through our photos of costumes in the closet that didn't involve clicking through photobooks because those were unsorted and inefficient to go through. It also didn't let you know if the dress was available or not. We wanted to create a website because it would allow us to update it in the future to add more dresses and also have other functions that would make it easier for the costume coordinator to facilitate costume exchanges

What it does

It is an efficient way to find the dress for the competition season

How we built it.

We used CSS, Html, and Javascript to create the website.

Challenges we ran into

We had to learn CSS, Html, and Javascript from scratch as we built the project. We attempted to use Google Sheets API but found it too cumbersome (multiple authentication hurdles) for our application, so we had to adapt our approach.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really proud that we managed to make a functional site that is usable for the future and can be developed further as needed. We're also really proud that we managed to get a handle on the coding languages necessary to make this project possible.

What we learned

We learned that trying to sort through data is hard and opensource coding is very helpful as a model.

What's next for WBDT Costume Armory

We hope to add a My Costume function to allow users to "check out" and request a copy digitally and update a living spreadsheet with each check out to move costumes into the unavailable section We also hope to move our data to API instead of having as a string in the code (whoops).

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