Businesses face a variety of challenges and have many opportunities to improve the way they operate and their contribution and impact on the world. At Wazoku we love to work with organisations to drive sustainable innovation at scale and ensure it’s embedded as part of their culture. In order to truly make innovation part of the day to day, we believe that strengthening integrations with tools our customers heavily use will provide an easy and streamlined way to engage.

What it does

Our technology is at the heart of our offer and facilitates gathering, surfacing, developing, analysing and implementing ideas. It enables business to reach across internal teams, networks and external crowds, communities and experts. Our Wazoku Platform App on Microsoft Teams allows users to be automatically logged into the Wazoku platform and share challenges, contribute Ideas and follow through with Idea evaluation, development and implementation directly from Microsoft Teams.


  • The Office 365 Single Sign On (SSO) brings users into platform without the need for them to sign into a separate system.
  • Challenge Managers and Admins can promote engagement with Challenges and Communities by pinning them in specific channels.
  • Users can add Ideas and suggestions directly as well as comment on, vote for or develop existing content.

Coming next:

  • Ability to receive specific user notifications from the Wazoku platform via Teams chat, allowing contributors to update their Ideas and stakeholders to be informed and updated as well as work on development of Ideas at the moment it’s needed.

How I built it

We ran a user research project to better understand which of our customers use Teams, how embedded it is in their organisation and their current workflow with the Wazoku platform. We identified key pain points and needs to design prototypes which we went on to further test and validate. We prioritised needs based on feedback and identified the most value comes from streamlined access to the system without the need to login to multiple applications. Our cross-functional team of Product and UX experts, developers and QA iteratively built out our integration starting with the authentication of users and continuing to add functionality. We reached our basic first version and are continuing to build by adding new functionality and validating the features we add as we go. We tested our application to ensure it was functions well and we’re currently seeking approval through the Microsoft approval process.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We’ve built an application that enables innovation to be embedded into the day-to-day work of organisations, improving engagement and driving the success of innovations from the bottom up. Our user validation confirms the value it will deliver and we’re excited about launching it.

What's next for Wazoku

We’ve got big plans! Wazoku’s technology is aiming to truly embed innovation at an enterprise level. We're pursuing our integrations strategy to better embed our tools across organisations. We’re looking at how we can better use data to drive innovation and how we can engage the wisdom of crowds internally and externally to bring the best ideas to the surface at the right moment. We want to be able to surface this functionality through our Teams integration. Make sure to stay tuned for what's next!

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