Heading to a place you've never visited before is exciting, but many people, myself included, have a hard time finding your way around the attractions! Are there any upcoming events nearby? Is it really worth going there? I can't find any ratings online? Using something like Google maps leaves many of these questions unanswered. WayV solves this problem by taking a step further and customizes preferences specific to users.

What it does

WayV is a location-based application where you can share your thoughts about places by dropping a pin on a location. You are also able to see other peoples ratings and reviews about places. It also tracks your location to actively notify you about the places you might be interested in based on your search term. This would be specially helpful for tourism, especially in a place you've never been to before! This application can unveil all secrete places to the public.

How we built it

Since our app is a location based project, we immediately knew that we would likely have to use Google Maps' API. Since tourists likely wouldn't be pulling out their laptops to find interesting tourists spots, we decided to start building the app for mobile devices on Android Studio. We believed that using Android Studio for functionality as well as Google Maps' API for location services would be more than sufficient for the purposes of our app.

Challenges we ran into

We were having significant technical issues with getting the Google Maps API to work with our app. The issues were substantial enough that we had to request assistance from a Google mentor and team lead. The team lead informed us that the Google Maps API documentation had to be updated and that there were issues with hashing while creating the API key. In a way, we helped improved Google maps!! We also ran into some issues with version control that we managed to eventually get past, as well as struggling with some design decisions. Overall, we learned a lot from our challenges and we definitely have become better at overcoming obstacles!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was really difficult getting the Google Maps API working. Along the way, we identified a bug in Android Studio related to Google maps API and expalined it to the Google Maps TL. We collaborated on a fix and because of that, the TL will update the documentation to clarify the error for future users.

What we learned

Most of us did not have much experience with Hackathons and building apps previously. Using Google Map's API on top of it all was a very difficult process. While we struggled greatly with getting things to work, we learned a lot of different skills while doing so. I feel that we have become substantially better at overcoming obstacles and learning how to use third-party APIs through our experience this weekend.

What's next for WayV

There's still a lot of work left to do with WayV. Showing blogs/articles on nearby places, saving data to a database, live notification system, and much more is planned in the making. Right now WayV can only record ratings and see other ratings, but we want to make the sharing customizable so that you can rate and comment on private places and areas that only your friends on your social media can see. There are endless possibilities with WayV and we are excited for its future if the development continues.

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