We spend a lot of time on public transport. When you are traveling alone on a train or waiting at an airport there is not much you can do. It's boring, awkward and sometimes even depressing to see all these empty faces. Even if there are cool people sitting right next to you its very hard to start a conversation.

What it does

Wayt is a simple web app, through which users can signal to each other that they would like to use their wait time in a more social way. Wayters can signal to the people around them what they are interested in and make it easy for other users to start an interaction, first by chat and then in the real world. Also, for creating valuable, real world interaction users get rewarded in our own coin.

How we built it

We built WaitList as a web app with react on the frontend and node.js on the backend. We spent the first few hours of the hackathon coming up with a design wireframe and then started building the app. We tested the first versions here at the hackathon venue in the evening.

Challenges we ran into

The main problem for an app like this is that the first users are usually alone in a place. For a long time we could not figure out how to engage these users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had an idea in the morning for how to engage users who log into a location but are alone because no one else logged into the same place. We will give those users the challenge of interacting with a stranger on their own. If they have a valuable interaction and get the other person to sign up for WaitList, both get an in-app token coin as a reward. This way we gamify the experience. We thereby solve the user's problem and at the same time he helps us solve our's.

What we learned

We took a big break from the hackathon around midnight and went for an hour long walk through Berlin. We realized how important it was to take these moments off to actually look at each other as humans with very unique and deep personalities. We went back to work with a renewed sense of belonging and brotherhood.

What's next for wayt

We want to complete the project to make a functional app available to the public free of charge worldwide. If users pick up on it, we will continue making it more the way we envision it. The future will be an augmented reality layer that reveals the skills in a given room, an interface that allows users to communicate with all human and non-human interaction entities in a place, and the ultimate social discovery algorithm to optimize the new personal connections you make in your life.

We will be the premier market platform for spontaneous information and value exchange among strangers in the real world.

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