• Currently, to reach the PDP of a product through categories: * The user requires 3-9 clicks * If this user is a returning user who is interested in the same product category, it will then be (3-9 x number of visits)!!!!
  • Every user is different but they are unable customize their experience on the app
  • Siri is the most used Voice assistant. 37% of voice search users use Siri. Using it's powerful functionality could boost our business and provide customer satisfaction

P.S. Our demo ppt has audio recording on it, so please turn on your speakers.

What it does

  • Allow our users to create voice shortcuts to destinations within the app that they like to visit
  • Allow users to tailor their own experience based on their needs
  • We accomplish this through integration with SIRI

How we built it

  • SiriKit is a Apple’s framework that allows apps to add functionality to trigger events by voice command
  • Siri shortcuts can be added through: * NSUserActivity: Provides a lightweight way to capture the state of your app and put it to use later * Custom Intents: An extension that receives user requests from SiriKit and turns them into app-specific actions or displays directly on Siri interface
  • Every activity has an identifier that will store the state of an event that the user wants for later use. If the user is interested in seeing the cart page, then the cart display needs to have it's unique NSUserActivityType.
  • Siri shortcuts has minimal dependency on existing code. Mostly consumes existing API’s and requires UI changes, that is show the Siri buttons

Challenges we ran into

  • Due to time constraint, being able to build a working demo of all the available Siri shortcut options was not possible. We were able to understand the requirements and understand how NSUserActivity types work and how Siri communicates with it. Sometimes, Siri acted very difficult...
  • Designing a custom intent to display order history caused a lot of setbacks due to lack of knowledge about setting up login information, configuring the plists etc..

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to:

  • Form a team in less than two days and discuss the idea.
  • Have a working demo of donating intents on search bar and adding voice shortcut on the cart page
  • Have a hands on learning experienced of adding custom intents to show order history to the user on the Siri interface without having to open the App. The UI was beyond the scope of time.
  • Have so much fun in the process

What we learned

  • Teams can make work fun and exciting
  • Voice search is the future and we should leverage it
  • The power of SiriKit and how it can be integrated into our app

What's next for WaySiri

  • Converting all the potential areas mentioned in our pitch into reality
  • Pushing this idea to Product to get their opinion on it

Our working demo can be found by pulling our Wayfair's branch:

Remote URL:
Branch: engineering-challenge/siri-shortcut-integration-demo

Our working demo consists of:

  • Add a SIRI shortcut to quickly navigate to a specific Wayfair page

Please reach out to any of us to set this up for you. You will need an iOS device to test this out.

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