I'm leveraging the impress.js library in one of my projects (http://www.prezentee.com), which I built about 3 month back, on the Drupal platform.

A smaller introduction about Prezentee.com The thought behind this website is to allow control of a presentation remotely, where a presenter doesn't need to be in front of the computer. He/she can control the presentaion romotely with his/her smartphone or computer. The presenter only needs to share the slides with the audiance and then he can control them remotely.

This solution has been implemented on my product, the "prezentee.com". The procedure for it would be as follows : 1)You can create slides/presentation 2)share it with the audiance and 3)control/navigate the slides via your smartphone without touching the computer keys!!!

I'm sure there would be more ways in which one can use the full power of "impress.js" with a thirdparty platform like the Drupal CMS. In my next project, i will definitely have higher integrations.

Now about the subject matter of the presentation for the competition.

Title: Ways to save our Earth

Description: Simple steps we can adopt to take better care of Mother Earth.

Slides url: http://prezentee.kuldev.in/slides/ways-save-our-earth

Navigation: http://prezentee.kuldev.in/node/navigation/24 (Open this link on your smartphone and navigate the slides remotely as the presenter talks about the slides)

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