Many teams at Wayfair manage some type of rotation list manually. There are alert monitoring rotation, bi-weekly meeting snack, meeting beverages, ...etc. Often times, human makes mistake, and the damage can be greatly impact the team morale. Our mission here is to build an automated tool that reminds the participant when it's their duty to fulfill the job.

What it does

WayRotation is an automated/smart rotation tool that allow rotation owner to provide list of employees, frequency and start date and use custom built smart selection to generate the next participant for the rotation. The tool reminds the user about their duty (Slack and Email) at a frequency set by the owner, and also set the Slack channel topic to ensure everyone is aware of the selection.

How I built it

The tool is built within Wayfair Admin home using PHP and JS (React) and SQL backend support.

Challenges I ran into

The challenges we ran into was the smart algorithm to correct identify who is the next selected participant. The tool take PTO and selected count into considerations to ensure that we have a fair selection.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

In this challenge, I'm proud of the teammates that I worked with. We all have one goal and we put in the effort together, divide the work and most importantly, we all learnt a lot from each other on this project.

What I learned

In this challenge, we learn a lot about planning and execution. Usually during planning phase, we don't really anticipate the issues that we actual encountered during execution. For example, Chatbot may not be working correctly in DEV and that's not something we anticipated during planning phase.

What's next for WayRotation

WayRotation is still a MVP phase. It still have a lot of functionality that we can put in place. At least for now, many teams can be beneficial from this tool, no one would be disappointed walking into their retro meeting because of someone forgot to bring snacks or beverages.

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