Have you ever attended an event and asked for directions? It's 2018, and people still get lost when navigating indoors.

With Waypoints AR, you will be able to overlay the physical world with navigation directions. I want to build this for the Magic Leap because I believe with spatial mapping, occlusion, and the convenience of being on an AR headset, users will find indoor navigation a lot more intuitive.

What it does

Waypoints AR will overlay directions in the physical world for indoor and outdoor navigation. You could use this platform for tech conferences, sporting events, music events, retail, and hospitals. To avoid scanning the area, the user can download a pre-scanned map of the location.

How I built it

This project will be built with Unity, C#, and Adobe XD.

What's next for Waypoints AR

Build a demo for the hackathon and bring this platform to market.

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