What does it do: WayFairer improves the accessibility of a prospective employee to the jobs well-suited to their profile in a Career Fair setting. It gathers job positions, their descriptions and requisite skills from companies visiting the career fair and matches them with the skills entered by a prospective employee to recommend them three jobs well-suited to their profile. It provides visual assistance by highlighting the job-offering organisations on a pre-loaded career fair booth map. Furthermore, it enables job searches based on organisations, job-positions and skills along with map highlighting. Finally, while using the search function it uses employee-employer skill-requirement matching to indicate the level of job suitability, which is the foundation stone of the recommendation feature.

How we built it: The backend was developed using python for APIs, SQL for database & flask framework. The frontend was developed using iOS with Swift Programming

Current Status: Backend API is 90% developed. Frontend UI is 50% developed, as we ran out of time. # of API developed: 12.

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