Deal finders like myself love getting good deals on products. When the product price is all time low, we all know that that's when we need to buy that item. Similar to airline tickets, sometimes we like to see a trend of how price fluctuate. This is what my project provides. Now, admins can start tracking price trends and get alerts when the price dips below the threshold they set.

What it does

This adds an admin panel in the empty space below the product images on PDP. Currently, it holds three panels.

  1. First tab shows highest, lowest, average prices and the graph that shows the trend.
  2. Second tab shows a simple form where admins can submit the threshold for alerts.
  3. Third tab includes all the alerts that I'm subscribed to. From there, we can remove specific alerts or remove ourselves from all alerts.

How I built it

Graph is created through d3, and alert is set through Jenkins.

Challenges I ran into

There are still a lot of work left to do.

  1. I'd like to incorporate this with employee discount.
  2. Currently, it only tracks the price at the SKU level. It needs to support the option prices.
  3. Internal users should be able to interact with the graph. Currently, it only shows the trend. PDP is still in base_mustache _view.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Basic functionality and alert should be working.

What I learned

d3.js has lots of functionalities that I haven't even touched the surface of.

What's next for Wayfair Price History Tracker

  1. Style the alert email template
  2. Include other kind of alerts like when product is shown on event or clearance

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