This game was inspired by the recent festival of Halloween. Co-incidentally, this was our (the team's) first Halloween in the United States, so, piggybacking the zest, we thought, "Why not celebrate the festival in a new way - with a touch of digital horror."

That's how the idea of "Way Out!" came to the table.

This game is meant for everyone - everyone with a liking for thrills in a video game. Though the game is in its initial stages, nearly everyone who plays it for the first time exclaims while playing it. We're proud of that.

The main potential of the game is its conventional but effective level-based format - it can be expanded indefinitely. Also, the gameplay has room for a lot more functionality than what's currently present. Users can expect a lot more additions to this game.

Also, the Oculus Rift version of the game takes the user experience to a whole new level, with the scares being much more real and effective. The crux lies in the design of the game - it is designed to be spooky.

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