When we arrived the first day on campus we were lost while commuting between different buildings. It would be very hard for disabled people to walk around campus when they cannot perceive their surroundings as efficiently as we do.

It helps to identify key entry points into a building, walking paths, zebra crossings & unidentified construction. Then it sends audio and vibration messages to save the person from falling.

Taking data from GIS day database of images, then using machine learning algorithms to train the neural network so that it can tell difference between different categories.

Collecting a very large database to train the model,

Successfully developed an idea of augmented reality which can also differentiate based on the needs of the people.

Team Work, Programming, Learning new software, Machine learning and AR applications

What's next for Wayfinding on Campus by an Augmented Reality App,

The model needs to be trained with better data. A fully functional app needs to be developed with Neural Network & Machine Learning.

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