Checking out WayRay's SDK and considering our previous experience in AR we decided to find a safer solution for drivers.

What it does

WAY-AR is a wayfinding app that helps you while driving around your city. It makes navigation easier since it highlights the route you must take, stoplights, parking spaces, crosswalks and moving objects (both cars, motorcycles or people), making them visible and therefore accident-preventable.

DRIVING VERSION: The app will be displayed in the car glass as augmented reality. This means the user can drive normally, but all GPS navigation will be shown in the glass, showing with arrows and lines which routes to take or when to turn. Also the app will display nearby places or friends (this modality can be enabled or disabled) as well as highlight stoplights or moving objects (such as bikes, motorcycles, other cars, or pedestrians) in order to make the user's driving even safer and avoid accidents.

WALKING VERSION: It helps the user travel around town with both the traditional 2D map experience as well as the Augmented Reality view for orientation. In the AR view the user can find nearby places, and bus/train stations. Also he can set up a starting point and a destination and the app will display the best route according to transport options he has/enables.

How I built it

Using WayRay's SDK, and for the walking version (available) we used Google Maps API as well as Mexico City's transport open data.

Find out the file here: APPLICATION FILE

DEMO for driving version here.

DEMO for walking version here.

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