Current pandemic has shown us that supply chain with human dependency is fragile and critical. This inspired us to build a distributed drone delivery network with contactless fast reliable transactions. We aimed at instant cost-effective transactions where customers could order an item and receive a transparent secure delivery. Our use case for this hackathon is to deliver Covid-19 related essentials like vaccines, masks or PPE to the remote location or as a last-mile delivery solution.

What it does

Waxara network connects private drone delivery service providers with authorities, NGOs and charity organisations. Organisations using Waxara service need not own drones themselves, instead hire a delivery on demand. Users of our service first create an id on Hedera portal completing KYC. We associate these verified accounts and distribute WXR tokens which will be used for asset and transaction tracking.

How we built it

We created DID service using DragonGlass API to create an identification of users on the network. Minted our own WXR tokens on Testnet that will be used by the network to connect assets.

Challenges we ran into

Hashgraph ecosystem is flexible at the same time overwhelming when you have multiple ways to achieve the same results. Identifying the most effective way to cater for our use case was a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to use Decentralised Identity to secure the Drone and potentially any other IoT devices for communications, payments and transactions. WAXARA built-in wallet will be the first-ever to combine both Identity and Digital Currency for payments and authentication. Customer will have the power to own their identity and money with seamless delivery experience.

What we learned

Hashgraph ecosystem is very secure, fast and has very economical transaction fees.

What's next for Waxara

1 Integrate/collaborate with current drone/rover delivery services. 2 Integrate with food delivery services 3 Drop the prices by network scaling. 4 Integrate with other autonomous drone delivery services. 5.Build a network of independent drone owners so that they can earn delivering short distances within a mile or kilometre.

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