We are inspired by the new technology the world is facing. and we want to use this tech in a benificial method to addd value to useres and entities. We want to disturb the market.

What it does

WaveX is a platform that allows the individual or the person who installs solar energy who also is generating surplus energy to trade that surplus energy to sell if and gain profit. The process is simple. After the user installs and generates the electricity he needs for consumption any surplus he can sell back to the grid. Dewa can either buy that energy sold to it or charge a commotion on the buyer and seller for using the grid. The buyer will buy that electricity because it will be cheaper than what they buy from DEWA. In a nutshell, every party in this ecosystem will gain or benefit from this solution. Using Block Chain technology which WaveX is built on, it will ease that process of trading electricity and encourage the investment in sustainable renewable energy. It also shortens the period that the person who is investing in this technology to get the return faster at a shorter period. WaveX is creating a new currency and market.

How we built it

Using blockchain technology and ethereum. also using other languages. and linking it to microcontrolers as a prof of concept.

Challenges we ran into

the infrustructure that dewa is using we dont fully understand so we assumed alot of factors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

won 1st place in fintech competition. did many side projects for the goverments.

What we learned

anything is possible

What's next for WaveX

that dubai would be the first to create an electricity trading platform. using the block chain technology as the base. and us as the team helping to maintain it in the journey path.

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