During the pandemic, people have felt excluded from the community (especially while you are inside working alone all the time)! The purpose of this app is to mediate this by connecting with individuals doing similar actions or in similar moods.

What it does

WaveWait is a Real-time social app to find people with the same interests/purposes nearby and work together. The goal of the app is to help people save time to find a partner, form a team efficiently, and meet new people. For example, if you are working on your operating system project at a Starbucks on campus, and you wanna code with other cool peeps, you can post your activity on the app, and the app will show you people who are also working on related projects and are willing to have a partner nearby. You could join them and help each other out as you are facing similar difficulties.

How we built it

DataBase: GCP storage Backend: GCP functions Frontend: React, Node.js UI design: Figma, Anima, Sketches

Challenges we ran into

Our initial team’s Frontend engineer reneged his commitment to the team. Backend: New to GCP, didn’t use it before this project. Have to read the document and learn it in a short time. While reading and writing data from the storage, some confliction happens. Frontend: New to Frontend, didn’t know much about React and had to learn it during the hackathon. Ran into troubles while integrating the backend with the frontend. UI design: I was focus on only UI design and have no experience in connecting graphics to codes. Also need to help in the backend so I need to be multi-tasking.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were kind of shy (because of language barriers and different time zones) at first, but we were still responsible for our parts and tried to help each other. In the end we collaborated well!

Backend: Learn the useful cloud services. Successfully use the cloud functions and storage service to build some interesting functions.Also, get general knowledge about the react. Frontend: Implemented Google Account authorized login as well as many other node packages. Created a (relatively) clean coding directory and utilized version control via GitHub. Deployed prototype of website on GCP. UI design: This is my first time designing a whole bunch of staff (from icon to every page)! I also learn how to use google map api and React (although doesn’t apply to this project)

What we learned

Backend: cloud functions, cloud storage, a little about react and jsx Frontend: React/node.js, node packages, online code editing, deploy webapp on GCP UI design: Google API, how to generate CSS codes from graphics design.

What's next for WaveWait

Finish/finalize the project; fully connect all of the parts together. More features: Provide people who wanna work virtually with a good online working space platform.

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