My community lives in the past. Our Chamber of Commerce is hopeless, our City doesn't do much to enhance the local business community, and the businesses themselves don't use any technology whatsoever. Having spent 4 years as Chamber VP, and 6 years on various City boards & commissions, in addition to providing tech support service for the community over the past 8 years, and having a high-tech building downtown in the middle of everything, I've gotten pretty familiar with local technological inadequacies, and I wanted to make a system that would update the way things work here; starting with how people engage local businesses/municipal entities.. Basically an app that makes it faster & easier to do things locally.

The UI/UX is inspired by a lot of things.. As simple as possible, has a little bit of character, but not too much. The color scheme I got from Steve Jobs (NeXt Computers), plus orange.

What it does

Waves is a simple interface for connecting with local businesses. v1 is basically a fancy phone directory, with integrated time conditions to show what's open without too much visual noise, but v2 will ideally integrate food ordering, transit requests, some local real-time IoT data, and digital payments. Click on what you want, and follow the menu until you find what you're after; the menu will timeout and return home after x time, which is a little janky with a mouse and cursor, but works good on mobile, and should be a fluid experience on Apple Glass, eventually.

How I built it

I'm not much of a coder; v1 is made with HTML, running on a local webserver. I have a large network of developer friends from years of mentoring college hackathons, some of whom are in the process of relocating to my city, so v1 is designed to be modular, and easy to update to a more-modern codebase like Flutter or React. Future versions of Waves will continue to be hosted in-house, to give me an excuse to continue developing a small solar data center.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge I ran into was motivation. I spent maybe 2 days on this hackathon, and prioritized just about everything else besides working on this project. I've been spending all of my time on access control and security cameras.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The main accomplishment I'm proud of is actually getting a usable build together, on permanent hosting, close to being ready to share with my community.

What I learned

I learned how to put all of the code into one .html file, which is neat but unnessicarry. I refreshed my self-hosted app know how, which is still basic, but if I can get some traffic on my server ittl motivate me to learn more. I refamiliarized myself with Ionic.

What's next for Waves

Part of the reason I named it Waves is so I could setup an annual hackathon called Making Waves, which I could invite my network to, and ideally expand the functionality considerably beyond v1, which is currently pretty limited. Making Waves 2021 is scheduled for June 20th, marketing starts in February.

Also I have to get the rest of the features setup.

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