WaveDirect App

A Flutter mobile application made in less than 48 hours! (My first full app, too!)

Submission for BorderHacks 2020 hackathon; WaveDirect Award.

Challenge Description

Design a mobile application, that allows for quick and easy access to widgets that enable our end-users to manage their account, without an overly complicated user experience.

My reponse

One of the biggest challenges that the average person faces is the ability to navigate difficult graphical user interfaces, specifically on a web browser. With the WaveDirect app, anyone can easily use it without any obstacles!

Tools used:

  • VS Code
  • Flutter UI Toolkit by Google
  • Android Studio & Emulator



Home screen

A welcoming screen for when you first open the app!

Home Screen

Login Page

Secure authentication to keep all your data and information private from other people!

Login Screen

Account Page

This is where clients will be able to view everything about their service in one place! Want to upgrade your plans? Compare them on the app, and give them a call once you've decided!

Edit your account info and pay your bills right from your account page, straight from the app.

Account Page & Package Upgrade

Circle Navigation Menu

A swift navigation menu that pops right out! Simple and easy with the tap of your finger!

Navigation Menu

Support Chat

Need help? Talk to one of WaveDirect's Connectivity Experts through a built-in free messaging service! Prefer vocal communication? Call them from a single tap of a button!

Support Live Chat

Change Account Info

Easily change your account information, from your email address to your profile picture! Clients won't need to have to use the website to modify their account settings, as they will be able to right from the app!

Change information

Outage Map

Internet down? Clients can check the status of their local ISP's wireless access point, simply by looking at the top left of their map, and know exactly when those access points go live again, so they can continue browsing the internet.

Outage Map

Referral Program

Looking for some bonus credit? Look no further! The WaveDirect app rewards clients for referring their friends and family to the app. Once the recipient signs up, both the recipient and the client will recieve $10 credit towards their account.


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