Wavebeat is inspired by the idea that songs play an influence on our performance and brain activity throughout the day. Therefore, Wavebeat was born to see which songs are the most impactful in our performance and mind.

What it does

Wavebeat collects brain wave and performance data from an electroencephalogram (EEG) headset while a user is playing a mathematical challenge and listening to a song. This data is then processed and stored to make comparisons with other songs and provide a personalized dashboard for the user. After finishing the challenge, the user has access to all of his brain wave & performance data through intuitive tables and modern graphs. The user can compare how good is one song to another and find the most impactful song for their performance & brain in a second of time!

How we built it

Wavebeat was solely built on Python and Javascript. The platform receives the brain wave data with a script that listens to Bluetooth signals from the NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile 2 hardware. These signals are parsed by our Python Script and recorded using file streaming. The file stream is read by the server using pooling to always update the value of the brainwaves in real-time.

For one song, Wavebeat received more than 12,000 data points with all the focus, relaxation, and brain wave values. Therefore, we saved this data in JSON files and then summarized it into a table and 10 charts.

The animations and mathematical game were build in Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

With only 24 hours on the clock, we struggled the most making sense of our data. For one simple song, we would get an overwhelming amount of data that we needed to process, store it, and create an appealing visualization. In addition to that, we had challenges sending the data from our Flask server directly to Javascript to process the information and generate the graphs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of completing a data-themed hackathon using hardware and brain wave reading. The time was really limiting and Wavebeat's team is proud of finishing an entire platform that works well and it's interesting. Besides that, we are proud of the translation of 12,000 data points per song to 10 modern graphs!

What we learned

This project taught us the importance of patience, communication, perseverance, and resilience in the times we were facing difficulties. Besides that, we learned how to start manipulating EEG data!

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