I talked to Brian Copeland from Gay Fathers and his huge pain-point was driving useful engagement within groups. Other community leaders had trouble finding users to join their groups. To solve these two problems I took a step back to the niche websites and blogs that I read on a daily basis. Often times I notice that I'm taking screenshots on websites and then draw on them using third party tools. If developers could embed a widget that allowed their readers/users to easily take screens, scribble on them, and share them on Facebook or to larger communities, this would drive more meaningful content to communities like Brians', help content creators gain exposure, and let users have some fun and share with their friends.

Built in React as a widget for any website, Wave lets visitors of a website take a screenshot, scribble words or pictures and share it with their friends and broader communities. The largest challenge for the project was creating a drawing tool to let people scribble on their images.

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