We wanted to do the opposite of what most sound or music software do, which is showing waves based on the sound or music that is selected. This leads us to Wave Sound, the Windows Application we created, which consists of a an analyzer of sound wave drawings that creates music based on it. Although the music created is generally not as good as what we would like to hear, our software includes both the waves designer and sound player, also.

What it does

It creates sound or music based on sound wave drawings,that you can directly design and play right in the application we created.

How we built it

We implemented our idea with Microsoft Visual C#, XNA and Forms.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges, especially compiling problems due to the computer graphics of the sound wave designer, but also with making decisions on the controls of our application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Even though our application isn't creating beautiful music as we had expected, we are still proud of us for the experience and the challenges we ran into.

What we learned

By making this application, I think we learned a lot from our mistakes and improved our coding skills intrisically.

What's next for Wave Sound

Maybe if we someday have the will, we will try to improve this application a little bit to create better sounds more easily.

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