After struggling to find resources and tools that help people make educated investment choices, we chose to simplify the process, and have a machine figure it out for you!

What it does

Utilizing Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio, we are able to import thousands of records in order to accurately retrieve live data, and using time series algorithms, return an estimate of a future closing price of a share.'s API is used to send user requests through to Microsoft Azure.

How we built it

Using Microsoft Azure, we retrieve live data from Yahoo Finance. We then created a webhook with 's API in order to send the date and share name through our web app, and to Azure.

Challenges we ran into

Configuring the data for our Machine Learning algorithm. Choosing a Machine Learning Algorithm. Analysing data, in order to verify our algorithm's results. Webhooks are challenging too.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully utilizing and predicting stock prices, with accuracy.
Passing parameters between Smooch to Azure

What we learned

We learned about Machine Learning algorithms, webhooks,, Machine Learning configuration. 

What's next for WaunOfWallStreet

Integrations with SMS using Twilio.api
Using NLU in order to activate and use WaunOfWallStreet through voice.
Retrieving close-to-real time data throughout a day, and predictions at any time in a day.

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