Name: Watup: Boyle Heights A Social Engagement App for Boyle Height Youth and Young Adults

Team: This app was conceived and built by six students from Roosevelt High School with support from Sergio, Ruihua and Mike.


Watup: Boyle Heights raises funds for higher learning through community engagement via the app.

These youth build profiles that identify and build partnership with small businesses that provide the following: Food and Retail, Healthcare, Community Resources and Events and Historical Landmarks. These partnerships provide crowdsourcing funds through social media initiatives for higher education of Boyle Heights young people.


  • Working with a 14-20 year-old youth demographic that is technologically emancipated through smartphones and tablets to curate locations and events in their

Technical Details:

Platform: - cloud-based mobile app builder
Tools: HTML5 & JavaScript / JQuery Google Maps API & FourSquare API plugin & Metro API Customer plugins


  • Enables High School/ College Students to Build Profiles and curate locations with pictures and information in a manner similiar to AirBNB curating their location
  • GPS identifies location based various types of content about Boyle Heights
  • GPS notifies users of near-by locations that are relevant to their interests, check ins will generate revenue through location and event partners for funding the Boyle Heights community scholarships
  • Map API builds Bike Routes, Car Routes and Walking Routes on based on the curated content that is shown through an Augmented View
  • Calendar API aggregates data of events and news based on profile's interests
  • Profiles' Data and Mapped routes can be shared via bluetooth, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Path
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