WattzOn.com is a personal energy management platform that helps consumers save money, save energy and go green.

Features at WattzOn.com include:

• Compare My Bills – You vs other similar local homes • Should I Go Solar? -- See costs, rebates and savings • What are My Rebates? -- "Free Money", by zip code • My Plan – Create a personal savings plan • Groups -- Form a group and track energy savings • WattIS and WattIF – The before-and-after of purchases • Automated utility connections across the U.S.

Take a look, and see how to save in your home!

The WattzOn web platform combines multiple data sources and proprietary analytics to instantly identify 20 percent or more in savings for the typical user.

WattzOn.com is also a proven platform for community energy savings programs, and has been used by cities, military base housing and schools.

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