Fitness is something that we are very passionate about- we go to the gym every day and we know that the most important thing about going to the gym is your form. Proper form is what lets you generate maximum Power (hence watts) and also lets you remain safest when lifting. When at the gym one time doing squats and deadlifts and really focusing on keeping our weight balanced on the center of our feet we had the idea- what if there was a shoe that could correct your balance in real-time and tell you if you are too far on your toe or heel? What if you could look back and see the weight distribution graph for your last rep?

What it does

What Wattz does is it takes in the values received from the pressure sensors in the shoe, and calculates a toe-to-heel weight distribution ratio which gets inputted into a heatmap of the users foot in real time on their phone. They can use the heatmap imaging to easily fix their form during their rep. The data also gets sent and stored in the app's database, which is then used to draw post-analysis graphs of the users set to see where their form was the best/worst, and what they can improve on.

How we built it

The hardware for this project consisted of 2 ESP8266 Wifi Development boards each wired to their own FSR 400 pressure sensor via a breadboard. Each of these boards collects live data from the pressure sensors and stores it in a online database for future reference by the graphs and app. The graphs were created using the canvasjs library. This allowed us to process real time data and display it in multiple different graph formats. We were also able to process our data into live foot heatmaps using the heatmapjs library. The database was built using Firebase and the graphs were displayed in the app using webview. The phone application was built using React Native, making the application usable on both android and iOS.

Challenges we ran into

By far the biggest challenge our team ran into was the time constraint! We had so many ideas and plans that we wanted to implement and started out planning, but as the days went by and problems arose, we quickly realized that many of our ideas would have to be saved for future implementation, and that we would have to focus our current efforts on a select few things.

What's next for Wattz

In the future, Wattz won't just be a single user feedback app, but a platform in which users can share and compare data. Each user's profile will have a "Wattz" score number generated, using the amount of times they worked out, the length of their workouts, and their balance/form. Users can grow this number and share/compare it with their friends. The analysis pages will also go from being just raw graphs, to full on analysis, with customized tips for the users on how to correct their form and which portions of the rep range they need to work on fixing the most. The shoe will also hopefully be upgraded from having just a toe and heel pressure sensor, to having a multitude of sensors along the sole to more accurately measure weight distribution across the foot.

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