The Internet of Things revolution has been changing the way we see everyday vehicles, buildings, and physical devices including kitchen appliances. One device that has been left behind in this revolution has been the microwave - which has not changed in over 15 years. Our project utilizes a Raspberry Pi, load cell sensors, as well as a Google Home for voice integration to bring the dated idea of a microwave into the 21st century.

What it does

Using a web-server hosted on the Raspberry Pi, we will be able to control the cook time of the microwave both automatically and manually. The automatic setting will utilize the load cells located underneath the frame of the microwave, as well as a custom algorithm to calculate the proper cook time for the food item placed inside. The manual setting allows for an individual to use their smartphone or voice command to specify a custom cook time for their food item.

Why a smart microwave?

Besides the convenience of being able to place leftovers in the microwave and not having to guess how long to set the timer, there is a significant shortage in kitchen appliances which cater to physical disabilities. Our project will help address this shortage by catering to people with physical disabilities and visual impairments by allowing them to interface with the microwave using their voice instead of the keypad.

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