Talking through our own team’s understanding, we realized we didn’t not have a good grasp on our own energy rates - and we’re participating at an energy hackathon! So we thought an easy tool to visualize rates, rather than websites and tables, could help change behavior and increase energy literacy.

What it does

Wattsdown notifies residents when electricity prices are low through an intuitive and unobtrusive (passive) signal - a light in their home. This can help CCA’s communicate with customers, increase energy literacy and hopefully save money.

How I built it

React, LIFx API (to interact with this brand of light), LIFx Light.

Challenges I ran into

Connecting to APIs that we were not familiar with (Genability), only 2 developers on our team, having to bike home to pick up a smart light.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making something that works! And thinking through how the product can be used as a broader platform.

What I learned

Learned about CCAs through the hackathon, the variance of TOU rates and other tariffs, lack of general awareness of time-dependence of energy use.

Watts next for WattsDown

Further refine product by connecting to more powerful APIs/data sets to get mroe granular on tariff access - could potentially be used outside of CA! We could also increase functionality to include some kind of GHG emissions of electricity. Pilots and data analysis to show potential impact of broad implementation.

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