We have two projects we worked on (since we felt that one was too short). With PHAUNT we wanted to have a project where people could conveniently get info about their local environment. With BotRing, we have noticed that we sometimes play too many games, and its good to have a reminder on how long we've been playing.

What it does

PHAUNT uses arduino sensors to share information about the environment at nearby areas such as parks. BotRing detects if someone is in a game (if its linked to discord) and Ping's them to get off the game.

How I built it

We decided on the problem and what points to address. Then we decided how would we solve the problem and we ended up on PHAUNT. We used arduinos and their sensors due to the cheaper cost. Finally we designed the case to ensure accurate readings but also protection for our system. Also LoRaWAN was researched to ensure that we had the right networking tool! To build the Discord Bot we used the Discord API in addition to its library for Python.

Challenges I ran into

We had difficulty figuring out what to do, especially what project would have enough content to fill the full 24 hours. We also had trouble with the Discord API as it is usually written in JS, yet most of our members only had experience in Python. And a lot of the documentation was vague.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the Discord bot to work

What I learned

We learned how to communicate and form ideas better, and how to improvise with documentation.

What's next for WattGain: PHAUNT and BotRing

We would like to keep working on both projects, as with BotRing we had hoped to add some extended features but didnt know exactly how or if it was possible.

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