Wattermelon monitors your energy usage in an easy and fast way. By utilizing the Green Button technology, Wattermelon pulls out your electricity usage right out of your smart meter. It does all the work of gathering and organizing your energy data, and provides you with meaningful goals and actionable tasks so you can get the most savings.

Getting Started

The user begins by authorizing themselves with Wattermelon and then connecting to a data source to obtain their Green Button data. Users have the ability to pull data from the past to see how Wattermelon can create future goals.

Energy Usage Trends

See how your energy is being consumed, dive into hourly data and broaden your view to daily, monthly, and even yearly. Wattermelon provides beautiful graphs and tables that allow the user to dynamically engage with their energy data. The data is also broken down into times of use for further simplicity.

Wattermelon provides detailed analysis of your electricity. Our smart application not only provides means to reduce electricity but it can inform you about everything you need to know.

Envision the Future

Wattermelon provides you with future predictions depending on your energy usage trends. A green Wattermelon will appears on your dashboard when you're saving energy. The Watermelon guides you in the right direction!

Find specific goals related to your property

Complete smart goals that are determined by the type of property you are living in. Collect points and see a decrease in usage and savings in your bank account. Wattermelon also allows you to create your own personalized goals and see how they affect your energy usage.

Compete with your neighbors

Compare your usage with your neighbors. Wattermelon provides you with a heat map that shows your usage compared to your community. See what goals they are completing in order to lower their energy usage. Work together to lower your bill!

Manage Multiple Properties

Wattermelon allows you to manage as many properties as you want. With specifications for each property, our smart algorithm determines what goals need to be set.

Wattermelon on the Go

Connect to your data via the mobile application and get your usage data, alerts, and goals on the go. Monitor your properties wherever you are.

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