Watt@Home is a Web application for location-based analysis and forecast of electricity usage using Green Button Data and the residents' daily schedules.

The goal of Watt@Home is to break down electricity consumption between times when someone was at home and times when nobody was home, to give the users a more detailed view of their consumption pattern, as well as to better forecast the impact of the residents' actions on the next monthly bill.

Watt@Home uses the residents' Foursquare check in data, if available, to determine times when they were home and times when they were not.

If a resident doesn't use Foursquare, they can still use Watt@Home and get an approximate analysis and forecast by entering the weekday schedule.

Foursquare is an online social network application similar to Facebook that allows users to check in to venues like a restaurant or a cafe, and then it tells them whether other friends are at the same location, as well as special deals being offered. With Foursquare, users can also set up their own home venue and check in to it every time they get home.

Thanks to the detailed information in each resident's Foursquare check in data or their weekday schedules, Watt@Home calculates a very accurate estimate of electricity used when someone was home and when nobody was home.

This information is presented to the user via several intuitive charts and gauges. The same information is also used to calculate the projected savings on the next monthly bill. This is weighted with the electricity usage reduction, when someone is home as well as when no one is home, planned by the user and entered in the Web forms.

For instance, a user may plan to reduce her electricity consumption by changing the temperature set point on the A/C thermostat, when nobody is home.

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