Personal Assistant

What it does

Fetches a user image, uses AlchemyAPI to figure out age of user and play song depending on user's age by a trigger to Amazon Echo.

How we built it

Used DynamoDB database and Amazon S3 to store image files. The front-end to fetch user details is built using Bootstrap and Javascript and backend is built with J2EE.

Challenges we ran into

Finding the perfect file format for songs that should be compatible with Amazon Alexa, figuring out age with AlchemyAPI and figuring out how Speech To Text works on Amazon Echo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting output from Amazon Echo and running the whole project using Amazon Web Services.

What we learned

AlchemyAPI, Bootstrap, Using AWS, Using Amazon Echo

What's next for WatsonEchoFusion

Figuring out what songs to play with emotions and age.

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