Watson The Lot

To check it out

Make a new camera picture by visiting the two urls

The picture being analyzed is at

The Bluemix watson stuff is at http://iot-1-hr-practice.mybluemix.net/red/#flow/

Flows 4 and 5 have the useful stuff.

Then visit watsonthelot.tech

Website Location

Our project can be found at watsonthelot.tech and the ip address for our server is

Main Goal

Our Hack K-State Fall 2016 project to detect cars on a parking lot and produce useful data from it.

Sub Goals

  • [ ] When a registered phone comes within a certain proximity of the school send a message stating whether the parking lot is full
  • [ x] Make a webpage that shows the following information.
    • [ x] Data about the current usage of the parking lot (Aimed at students and faculty)
    • [ ] A page that uses predictive analytics to predict the state of the parking lot at a given time. (Aimed at students and faculty)
    • [ ] Trends about the average usage rates (Aimed at administration)
    • [x ] A page about the project
  • [ ] Send an alert when the parking lot is snowed over.
  • [x] Use Watson to judge which parking spots on a lot are in use.
  • [ ] Store a log of the state of the parking lot for use in analysis.
    • [ ] Include data about the weather to make analysis easier.

Technologies Used

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