TipRanks analyzes online stock ratings given by financial experts and ranks these experts based on the performance of their stock-picks. StockRadar complements TipRanks with a Personalized Social and News sentiment signal.

How it works

StockRadar utilizes Alchemi DataNews API, Sentiment Detection API, Twitter Insights and TradeOff Analytics to calculate the most trending stocks (positive and negative) based on the users' investment style.

Challenges I ran into

Develop a fully working application in 1.5 days is always both challenging and fun

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to get a working PoC utilizing all the above API and even got new inspiring ideas on how to further customize the service for our users.

What I learned

I have a much better understanding of the Watson offering and the capabilities of IBM Bluemix. I also have a working PoC that I can integrate into our existing service. Very exciting!

What's next for Watson StockRadar by TipRanks

Integration of the capabilities we developed into TipRanks Dashboard through which our customers (individual investors) track the stocks in their portfolio. We also plan on doing some quantitative research to measure the effect of positive and negative news on the near to mid-term behavior of the stock price.

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